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The individual nominee should have made significant contributions to the educational experience of African Americans in Dallas County from the period of 1902 to present. Click button below for general nomination instructions.

General Online Submission Instructions
It is recommended the nominator read the entire eligibility criteria and contact the nominee for permission to be nominated before continuing with this process.

  1. Click the Hall of Fame Nomination or Special Award Nomination button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Complete the selected form in its entirety. Required fields are marked with a 
    red asterisk '*'
  3. Click the Save Nomination button found at the bottom of the selected form. Your information will be saved and you will be redirected to a confirmation page.
  4. On the confirmation page review your application information. You can click Make Correction button to change or add information to your application submission.
  5. Click the Submit Nomination button to email your completed application to the AAEAHP Approval Board, the email address of the nominee if living, and the email address of the nominator.
  6. Please e-mail supporting documents (numbers 1,3, 4, 5), listed below Hall of Fame Submission Process, and send to Dr. Roscoe C. Smith at e-mail address ( Incomplete applications will not be considered or processed. Label each supporting document with the name of the nominee in the upper right hand corner.
  7. Please use one form per nomination.
  8. Mail completed form postmarked by 
    Tuesday, November 28, 2017
    African American Education Archives and History Program
    P. O. Box 411091
    Dallas, TX 75241

Hall of Fame Eligibility Criteria

The individual should have made significant contributions to the educational experience of African Americans in Dallas County, 1902- present.

  • Educators – A minimum of 15 years in the profession and retired 3 years from a full time position.
  • Non Educators – A minimum of 3 years service and retired 3 years from a specific educational endeavor. Categories – (e.g., school board member, district advisory committee member, PTA supporter, civil rights activist, support staff, founder/leader of professional community organization and/or participant in community initiatives to improve education…).

Hall of Fame Submission Process

  1. Hall of Fame Permission and Verification (p.4)
    • Completely filled out with appropriate signatures
  2. Hall of Fame Nomination Form (p.5 completed by nominator)
    • Significant contributions to education (3 paragraphs)
  3. Resume to include:
    1. Education - Colleges/Universities
    2. Earned degrees, Honorary Degrees
    3. Community/Civic Involvement - Church, Fraternities/Sororities, Clubs, Organizations, Other
    4. Most significant accomplishments - (5) one liners bulleted
  4. Letter of Testimony (recommendation) - at least one (1)
  5. Other Documents (Optional)
    • (e.g., printed materials, 5 pages limit…). all items must be identified with nominator's name, address and telephone number attached.
  6. Do not send photographs.

Special Awards Submission Process

Special Awards Eligibility Criteria - Use Special Nomination Form (Buff paper) and the same submission information as the Hall of Fame. The individual should have made a significant contribution to the field of education for a minimum of five years. The Special Award selection categories are listed below:

Pioneers - 1867-1902
Educators and others who contributed to the development of schools, provided space, resources to support educational experience for African Americans in Dallas County (e.g. churches, other organizations).

Trailblazers - 1902-2017 
Educators and others who were first to make a contribution in an area related to the education of African Americans in Dallas County (e.g., first African American Superintendent in Dallas County, first person to initiate strategies to forge desegregation, first African American on the DCCCD Board).

Thelma Page Richardson Risk Taker - Documented risk taking behavior (cutting edge of change, challenges the status quo, documented results).

The African American Education Archives and History Program Special Award - This award is presented to individuals or entities that have made a significant contribution related to collecting and maintaining a repository of artifacts, documents , or visual images that record the African American Education experience in Dallas County. Priority areas related to preserving the African American experience in Dallas County include: oral history, archiving, curriculum development, publishing materials, displays, exhibits and other areas.

Notification Process Living nominees who are selected for the Hall of Fame will be notified by phone and mail. A family member and/or the person nominating a deceased honoree will be notified in the same manner. Individuals not selected may be considered for another year if nominator updates file and /or the AAEAHP Board of Directors approves the nomination. Nominees may remain in the pool up to five years.

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