Before 1874

Activity Notables
Classes in Churches/Homes Boll Street CME
New Hope Baptist
Freedmen’s Bureau 



School Principals/Staff
Largest Boy Scouts Troop in the World In DISD Roscoe Smith



Activity Notables
First Public Schools Colored School No. 1
Colored School No. 2
Colored School No. 3
Colored School No. 4
Colored School No. 5
Colored School No. 6
Colored School No. 7



School Principals/Staff
First African American to receive the "Outstanding Young Educator of Dallas Award” by Classroom Teachers of Dallas and Dallas Jr. Chamber of Commerce Roscoe Smith



Dallas Colored High School  
Activity First Graduates
Trail Blazers/Pioneers H. S. Thompson
J. W. Ray
J. P. Starks
N. W. Harllee
B. F. Darrell
Charles Rice
A. S. Jackson
Willie F. Asberry
Julia C. Frazier
Georgia Prestwood
J. B. Richie



School Principals/Staff
Desegregation of Central Administration At 3700 Ross Avenue Yvonne Ewell
Priscilla McGaughey
Roscoe Smith



School Principals/Staff
Booker T. Washington High  
Dallas, Lancaster, Mesquite, Grand Prairie, Irving, Wilmer Hutchins, Richardson, Addison  
Private/Parochial Schools Ellen Larkin



School Principals/Staff
Desegregation Orders “Television” Plan Sam Tasby
W. J. Durham
C. B. Bunkley
Brice Cunningham
Kathlyn Gilliam
Robert Price
ECE, Magnets/Academies/Vanguards East Oak Cliff Sub-district Leon M. Hayes
Nolan Estes
Yvonne A. Ewell
1984-Learning Centers Nellie R. Lewis
Sandra Malone
Louise Smith



Activity Notables
Central Staff Supervisors Jimmie Tyler Brashear
Yvonne A. Ewell


School Principals/Staff
Dallas Teacher Education Centers Dunbar, Silberstein, Hulcy Ouida Ploger
Melvin Howe
Joy Barnhart
Central Staff Administrators Otto M. Fridia
J. Leslie Patton
William Cotton
Timothy Beckett
Roscoe Smith
Mabel Thomas
Priscilla McGaughey
Harold W. Lang
Julia Jordan
District IX On the Move Kathlyn Gilliam
Glorias Dixon
Johnnie Jackson
Selena Butler Leadership Institute Kathlyn Gilliam



Activity Principals/Staff
Lincoln High School  
Wiley Extension (Jr. College) Taft Wilson



School Principals/Staff
DISD Parental Involvement with The Central Parent Advisory Council, Considered a “Model for the Nation” by President Nixon. Roscoe Smith



School Principals/Staff
Southwest Business School George Allen Jr.
  Haywood Sparks



School Principals/Staff
drNABSE Alfred L. Roberts
Shirley Ison-Newsome
Areatha S. Jones
Charmaine Price
Nellie R. Lewis



School Principals/Staff
Texas State Teachers Association James McClure
Dallas School Executives Club Robert Brown, Jr.
Principals' Wives Club Bobbie Lang
  Dorothy Andrews
Negro Credit Union Lumpkin Benjamin
  Charlie Kirkpatrick
Negro PTA Kathlyn Gilliam
Private Aesthetic Arts Teachers Madam Pratt
Ella Lois Hudson
Mary Lois Sweatt
Ann Williams
Bertha M. Shepherd
Ollie Lee Scruggs
Lena Lou Estell
Swimming, Tennis, et. al. YWCA, YMCA and City Park
Scouting YWCA and YMCA
Sports John Kinkaid
Dallas Teachers Council Ada Williams
Dallas Teachers Alliance Ada Williams
American Teachers Association Johnetta Williams



School Principals/Staff
African American Superintendent Marvin E. Edwards



School Principals/Staff
James Madison High School Johnetta Williams



School Principals/Staff
Paul Quinn College Relocates to Dallas Comer/Isabell Cottrell



School Principals/Staff
Bishop College Relocates to Dallas Milton Curry
Olivia Phillips
Bishop Center (Jr. College) Margaret P. Anderson
Caesar Toles



School Principals/Staff
DISD declared Unitary Barefoot Sanders
Mike Moses
Sandra Malone
Schools Named for African Americans Gerri Williams
Verna Mitchell
List of Principals /Administrators Kay F. Hunter
Gerri Williams



School Principals/Staff
Pinkston High School Lucy McDonald Davis
Roscoe Smith
Prairie View Extension
students performed in the top 1 % in DISD
Clyde Arnold
H. S. Thompson


School Principals/Staff
Roll of Honor Bobbie Lang
Rachel McGee
Laura Muckleroy
Gwen Brantley