Historical Perspective

Chronicling the African American Education Experience in Dallas County

The Archives and History Program began in February 2002. The mission is to collect and maintain a repository of artifacts, documents and visual images that record African American education experiences in Dallas County.
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It is important to preserve this history so that contemporary society can study the lessons learned through the struggles and triumphs of African-American educators, students and the community.

Dr. Alfred L. Roberts Sr. facilitated the development of the African American Education Archives and History Program that includes an Oral History project, an African American Educators Hall of Fame, an Archives and History component and Curriculum Development (Exhibits and Media Presentations).

The Oral History Project involves the collection of the voices of those who impacted or were impacted by the Dallas education experience. The hope is to preserve the experiences of those who transitioned from segregated schools to desegregated schools and to benefit from the lessons they learned.

The African American Educators Hall of Fame identifies and recognizes educators and others who have made positive, outstanding contributions to the educational experiences of African Americans in Dallas County. Mrs. Bobbie Lang served as the first chair of the event.

The Archives and History component focuses on collecting artifacts to be included in media presentations that chronicle the history of the education of African American students and educators who served in Dallas County.

Curriculum modules and multimedia exhibits are being developed for use in schools and to share with the community. Permanent displays are available for public viewing at the African American Museum, Paul Quinn College and public libraries.