Giving Helps Us Recognize Those Who Taught Us

No other group has made as significant an impact on the lives of African Americans than African American educators. yet, there has been very little done to chronicle the contributions of this group of professionals. Thus, The African American Education Archives and History Program was initiated.

The components of the Program include the Oral History Program, the African American Education Hall of Fame, Exhibits and Media Presentations, Curriculum Development and Archives.

The primary mission of this program is to collect and maintain a repository of artifacts, documents and visual images that chronicle the African American education experience in Dallas County. Some of the accomplishments to date include collecting documents and memorabilia, inducting sixty-six(66) individuals to the Education Hall of Fame, developing the traveling exhibitions and conducting one hundred and eight(108) oral history interviews.

Why the African American Education Archives and History Program? It is important to preserve and make available this history so that contemporary society can study the lessons learned through the struggles and triumphs of African American educators, students and the community-at-large.

In order to support this ambitious and much needed program, a significant amount of financial resources is required. With corporate support limited and in some cases not forthcoming, the Program is relying on support from foundations, community organizations, churches and individuals. A fund development plan has been developed to provide giving opportunities at various levels to meet our short and long term goals and objectives.

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